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We have a “cuckoo” in the “nest” | Pissed Off People Of America

We have a “cuckoo” in the “nest”

Good day, America!

You have overslept. Your dream turned into a nightmare.

It’s time to wake up and rise.

We are under attack; the enemy is within: our own “elected” officials.

Not one time in our history we had to face this kind of danger:

complete distruction of a Nation - built on the blood, sweat and tears of our ancestors, believing in a better world.

Today, this Nation is being hijacked by extreme ideology, anti-Americanism -posing as liberalism / progressivism.

Undoubtedly, this country has been on the wrong track in the past 50 years or so. Particularily in the past 20 years things getting progressively worse and worse: first, the reign of a spineless, slimy “horny toad”, followed by the “village idiot”, and now, we have a “cuckoo” in the “nest”.

To refresh our collective memory; what is the “cuckoo”?

The cuckoo is a bird that uses deception as a primary tool for “advancing it’s agenda” – to employ a politically correct terminology for it’s parasitic behavior.

It pretends to be something, it is not.

Unlike any other “decent” bird, the cuckoo does not build it’s own nest to raise a family; that would require hard work and skills learned through evolution.

Instead, the cuckoo found a short-cut (call it the “Nigerian scam artist’s move”): it lays it’s egg in another bird’s already – skillfully – built nest.

The host bird – being the product of “public education” – does not realize that there are more eggs in the nest than should be, and the extra one does not look like the other ones.

It  comes home one day, “raises an eye-brow and pleads ignorance”. Does what it was pre-programmed to do (no thinking involved): comforts the eggs until they hatch.

When they do, one of the hatchlings grows more than the others; it needs more attention, more food – at the expense of the others – but the host bird faithfully delivers, giving the strange one the benefit of the doubt.

As the chicks grow – one more than the others – and the host bird is getting increasingly tired of feeding them all, beyond it’s abilities, the cuckoo

chick takes action and starts to get rid of  the “competition” (the native chicks):

- less food to share!

Yet the host bird doesn’t seem to get it: at the end she feeds only one overgrown alien parasite – without offsprings of her own.

And, one day, the well-fed and developed cuckoo takes the first flight “into the sunset” leaving nothing but devastation behind.

That’s the tale of the cuckoo.

We have had our share of disappointments in our leaders.

But the first time in our history we have something alien (anti-American? anti-capitalist? anti-christian? anti-white racist?) in the highest office of the Land.

We have a cuckoo in the nest!

But before making premature judgements, let’s point out that reasonable people can and do disagree on issues. There is nothing wrong with that.

We can disagree on taxation, gay rights, abortion, etc. as long as it is peaceful, civilized, rational – and does not jeopardize our existence as a Nation.

We make our positions clear at election time – to correct the direction the country is heading, based upon democratic principles.

However, there is a threshhold, a line, we should not cross: where internal frustration leads us to “pick up a shovel and start digging our own graves”.

We have crossed that line in 2008. We have allowed a cuckoo to hatch in the nest.

Regardless wheather you are a Democrat, Republican, Independent or anything Other  – we all should be very concerned about the present state and future of this Nation.

Because, Dear Fellow Americans, we are going down!

So, instead of making judgements, let’s make some observations (in no particular order):

- Cuckoo gets elected (as a result of frustration with the previous Administration) with credentials that you and I could not renew our driver’s licenses today.

But you gave him the benefit of the doubt – bending over backwards.

Let’s face it: for some Patriotic Americans born outside of the country, it is very   discriminatory not to be able to run for the highest office because of their national origin. In a sense the “Constitution of equality” is unconstitutional on its face.

Some of the greatest leaders in history were not born in the country they lead to greatness (or disaster): Napoleon was not born in France (he was born in Corsica)

Stalin was not born in Russia ( he was born in Georgia)

Hitler was not born in Germany (he was born in Austria).

And now, we have Cuckoo. Hallelujah! or Allah akbar! – America.

- After his inaguration as President of the United States, his first trip to abroad he goes to Turkey, Egypt and Syria – all muslim countries, not to set the record straight, to tell them that the United States will not tolerate terrorist behavior, but to apologize for arrogant America and praise muslims! – in the world after 9/11; isn’t that amazing!

- Continuing his distructive path, deliberately offends Israel, Great Britain, France, Germany, Norway (the very country that gave him the Nobel peace prize – for what?) – in an attempt to alienate America from its allies.

- He gives a state dinner to the president of Mexico, who trashes this country in his speech – and gets standing ovation from members of Congress.

- Sues Arizona for defending itself against illegal criminals (a federal job that Cuckoo refuses to do), and goes further: takes this case to the U.N. (an anti-American institution) by his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to prove to the world how racist, human rights-violator this country is.

At the same time there is no action against so-called “sanctuary cities”, such as San Francisco that openly refuses to enforce federal laws intended to protect this country.

He is also silent on the Iranian “stoning case” or the spontaneous popular uprising against the brutal Iranian regime. – Not a word!

- To show his distaste for American values he refuses to attend the celebrations for the fall of the Berlin Wall or to meet the Chancellor of Germany.

- He refuses to call islamic terrorists – terrorists.

- Drops the case against the Black Panthers (also muslims – by the way) who intimidate white voters, calling for the killing of white women and their babies.

- Making it Justice Department policy not to prosecute cases where the victims are white.

- Accusing the only person who cared for him – his white grandmother – for being a racist ( in “politically correct terms”), while writing a book about the dreams of his   African/muslim/anti-capitalist daddy who abandoned him – cuckoo style!

- He claims to be a christian, but he changed his christian name to a muslim name (Black Panther style), the only church he attended for twenty years was Jeremiah Wright’s congregation to listen to anti-American, anti-white hate speeches. While preferring a gym, instead of a church even on Christmas day – after inagurated.

- But he does not forget to address the islamic community on Ramadan - leaving out “God bless America” at the end of the speech!!!

- Makes an attempt to silence free press (Fox News – the only one refusing to play the role of a cheerleader and continue to report objectively).

- Makes it NASA’s(!) priority to comfort the muslim world, diverting taxpayer money – instead of exploring space!

- Finances – with taxpayers money – the fundraising-trip of the muslim extremist imam who wants to  build a mosque (a victory memorial) on the graves of victims of 9/11 in New York city.

The list is far from complete after only 18 months in office and we have left out the behavior and comments by the “love of his life” and the company he keeps!

(“You can recognize bird of its feathers, man of his friends”. “You are known by the company you keep”. – communists, muslims, anti-white racists, anti-American progressives, anarchists, convicted terrorists.)

This path of destruction will continue until you, a conscientious Patriotic American voter puts an end to it!

We are in trouble. It’s not just about domestic issues; it’s about survival.

Can we survive as a Nation? ”Yes, we can”! But you have to wake up and rise!

This Nation that has never been “united” to begin with, is so devided by now that our differences are irreconcilable.

If it was a marriage, we would divorce. Actually it is a marriage and we should divorce – peacefully!

Today, the United States of America is nothing but a geographical term.

“It’s not more of a united nation than the Equator”

- Winston Churchill

The South realized it nearly 150 years ago when it declared independence from the increasingly intolerant and oppressive North.

We are facing the same oppression and intolerance, but today it is directed  towards the majority: white, christian, conservative, patriotic America.

However, if those were our only problems, even mild pressure from a fairly courageous and united People toward the power structure would correct it. (Unfortunately – it seems – we have become a Nation of sheeps. Franz Kafka said once: “It is often safer to be in chains than to be free”.)

We have an infinitely more severe problem today: destruction of our Nation.

It’s not about socialistic ideas, healthcare or taxation: it’s about the selling-out this country for political capital, destroying our national identity, bowing to our enemies, allowing hostile forces to take root in this country, crippling our military.

(“Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”

-   U.S. Constitution)

The Dixie states were not only within their rights as volunteers to the Union to choose their own destiny in 1861, but had the moral obligation to fight the North’s oppression. That is the American way!

And here we go again; facing the same dilemma.

Patriotic Americans against anti-American oppressors hell-bent on distruction.

More and more states are entertainig the idea to finish what the South started in 1861. Secede or die? “To be or not to be?” Flourish or vanish?

Today the circumstances are vastly different from those of 1861.

Today we occupy the moral high ground. Today we are not as weak, unprepared as we were then: we have industry, agriculture, energy scources, infrastructure, tourism, and 3/4 of the U.S. military is from the South.

We still believe in one Nation under God, we still believe that we are a christian Nation where saying: “merry Christmas” is not offensive (it is not about religion; it is about heritage), we still believe in the Costitution, we still believe in borders, we still believe in one official language (English), that holds us together, we still believe in common sense and not in “political correctness”, we still believe that we are not global citizens; we are True Americans, carriers of the “torch”, westill believe in ourselves…

We still believe…  that when the Yankees allow the muslims to build their victory memorial in New York city, to celebrate their barbarism over the graves of our fallen fellow Americans, that will be the day when the South will rise again!

Unlike in 1861, recent history is full of precedents, how People can choose their own destiny: the Soviet Union broke up – in a civilized manner, so did Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia (not so peacefully), Quebec almost did it last time; so who is next?

Frankly, many of us have had enough of Yankee yoke and betrayal! We want to be free!

SHOULD WE SECEDE from the Union – to save this Nation, to remain Americans and rebuild from scratch?

Is it constitutional? Nothing in the Constitution forbids it! On the contrary.

We are allowed to pursue our own happiness – the way we see fit! That is democracy. Anything else is tyranny. And we, Americans, have the moral obligation to stand up against oppression.

America today is not the America our founding fathers envisioned: it is an oppressive, totalitarian regime for the special agenda of the corrupt few – not for the majority of the “AMERICAN PEOPLE ”.

Corrupt, spineless, carreer- politicians get elected and re-elected (based on their ill-gotten wealth), without term-limits, their family-members and friends inherit their influence/office/wealth – just like noblemen in the King’s court.

Even if you vote a healthy “apple” in the basket filled with rotten ones – guess what is going to happen?

Make no mistake about it: Cuckoo is not any different. Nothing is about you;

everything is about HIM! He rode the waves of political correctness into the White House. (And now, the “love of his life”, the first time feels proud to be an American – by her own account. Wasting millions of dollars of taxpayers money on luxury vacations and parties while the country is bankrupt. Just like Marie-Antoinette (the similarities end right there).

” – Your highness, the People have no bread! - Have them eat cake then!”)

Let’s face it: you have been fooled. Not the first time and – probably – not the last time either. (But heed the folk wisdom, the one, that the “village idiot” could not quote properly on a press conference: “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me!”)

This two-party American political system is hopelessly corrupt and broken. You have no choice but to vote for the lesser “evil”. But they both are “evil” -nonetheless.

Someone said once that the only difference between the one-party communist system in the old Soviet Union and the two-party system in the U.S. is that you have one more choice. (If you can call it a “choice”)

You keep on voting for the same “evil” time after time after time – shifting the blame back and forth, from one extreme to another – resolving absolutely nothing. Every candidate is running on the promise of “change” for decades.

But the more things change, the more they remain the same! (Or get worse!)

Talking about extreme: this country has been fighting communism/socialism ever since it appeared. And now when we could claim victory and justify our sacrifice, Cuckoo wants to turn back time and turn this country into another failed experiment.

Socialism has failed in Eastern-Europe, failing in Western-Europe even Fidel Castro admitted recently: it was a failed experiment in Cuba.

But Cuckoo knows better.

Margaret Thatcher said that “socialism is great – until other people’s money run out!”

(Great quote, but -with all fairness- it’s more true to capitalism than to socialism.)

Socialism is great on paper but unsustainable on the long run – that’s the historical lesson. Thatcher knew that; she was an intelligent, strong, nationalistic leader; everything, Cuckoo is not.

Cuckoo resembles Mugabe of Zimbabwe. Live up the resources and blame the “evil white man” for the consequences.

The sad truth is, this country is so devided, not even a bloody revolution would make us a unified, democratic Nation.

The wounds are too deep and the “cancer cells” are spreading.

There is only one reasonable, peaceful and lasting solution for the conservative, Patriotic American populace to maintain our identity, our heritage, our desire to be one free, unique Nation, under God:

Finish the job and SECEDE from the Union as the South did (without the violence)!  With the possibility of reunification, when the conditions are right.

Germany did it: the West seceded from the East after WWII to avoid oppression, to maintain independence, to reunite decades later as one free Nation.

We could live side by side peacefully, under different rules, just like the U.S.A. and Canada does today.

Not one reasonable person, except those who would benefit from a trapped and dying America (the “globalists”) could oppose such an idea.

There is no judge in America who would deny divorce from a petitioner, who wants out of a hopelessly broken, abusive marriage.

We, as two separate Peoples (Conservative Patriots and Progressive “Globalists”) living together within our borders in a broken marriage (called the Union) are not any different.

So, who are you?  Have courage: speak up! Don’t just read history, but learn      from it and write the future pages! Turn yourself into Somebody.

Not so long ago there was a news story about a guy who was trapped in a South-West desert: his arm stuck between two rocks and he could not free it. He faced the grim choice: die or cut his arm off to live. He chose to cut his arm off with his pocket knife to be free and live.

That is the choice we are facing today as a Nation. Cut loose and be crippled but live, or die as a whole; trapped.

If a fox gets trapped, it will chew its own leg off, knowing well that he will be crippled for life but choses to be free, if a lizzard loses its tail, it will repair the damage and re-grow the tail, if a ground-worm is cut in half, it will regenerate itself as two whole worms. That’s the way of Nature. The power of survival instinct.

Can we do that as a crippled Nation? ”Yes, we can!”

If you have reservations about the legality of secession, go on-line and do your own research to find expert opinions, historical facts to ease your uneasiness: We have the right to secede!

All it takes is the decision by your state Congress and approval by the U.S. Congress – not small task but not impossible.

If the majority of people in one particular state vote for secession, neither the state nor U.S. Congress can deny that right without reveiling their true tyrannic, hypocritical nature and their illegitimacy. (One note: not one single state is likely to succeed on its own (at least peacefully), wheather it’s Texas, Alabama, Vermont or Alaska, because of the constitutional requirements, however, joining forces and forming a new alliance, such as the Confederate States of America (11 states then, how many today? – Arizona, for sure), would have a chance – and would be more practical.)

How could they deny the right of one People of self-determination, while blasting Russia for not granting the same rights to the Chechens, China for Tibet, Serbia for Bosnia Herzegovina / Croatia (before the civil war), etc.

It would be complete hypocracy for the entire world to see.

In that case the U.N. would be called into an emergency session, and – unlike the world powers in 1861 – most of its members would immediately recognize the New Nation as independent.

So, Fellow Americans, the choice is yours: secede and be crippled but live free, or die in this trap? Have some guts andstand up for what you believe in!

Here are the two options:

#1: SECEDE from the Union and establish a new alliance of Free States of America.

Some ideas to correct mistakes of the past (and present):

- we are one christian Nation, under God - it’s about heritage, not religion,

- the joining States have the right to choose their own destiny,

- we subscribe to conservative values, common sense and tolerance,

- the only official language is English,

- political correctness is abolished,

- affirmative action (reverse discrimination) is abolished - every citizen has equal rights and measured by merit only and nothing else,

- every elected official have term limits,

- lobbying is illegal,

- withdraw our military from all foreing lands,

- when provoked to fight, we shall fight to win - regardless of collateral damage,

- get out of the U.N. and every anti-American global organization, military alliance, trade / environmental agreement, etc. not serving our national interest,

- everyone is free to leave, if they disagree with our founding principles, and  everyone from the Union is welcomed as citizens - as long as they respect our laws, traditions, heritage,

- our borders are sealed by the military - airtight,

- “ius sanguinis” legal doctrine applies to citizenship (at least one parent has to be our citizen to be eligible for citizenship) – no more “anchor children”,

- convicted criminals will work (do jobs that Americans are “not willing” to do) to earn their keep in prison and to remove the incentive for illegal migration,

- suspend all foreign aid immediately, unless our government is in charge of its distribution,

- any attempt to undermine our safety or security (outside of internationally recognized rules of war) shall be treated with complete disregard of the Geneva Convention,

- we pledge not to interfere with other nations’ conflicts / internal affairs - unless our national security is directly threatened,

- etc… - apply common sense and decency!

#2: STAY in the UNION and hope for the best while preparing for the worst (it will come).

Get your information from independent, objective sources from around the world (you’ll find few in the U.S.), analyze the facts and produce independent thoughts, draw your own conclusions about the present state and future of this Nation.  Please, educate yourself and educate people around you. Don’t listen to the propaganda machine, even Goebbels would be proud of.

Don’t let your children to be indoctrinated, brainwashed by the so-called ”educational system”.  (“The vast and hugely expensive conspiracy to keep at least a quarter of the population in preternatural ignorance.”- Theodore Dalrymple)

Thank you for your attention and God bless America!

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